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Cosmic Asphalt & Specialty Asphalts

Cosmic is an established Asphalt supply company. We are able to supply Asphalt Penetration Grade 40/50, 60/70, 80/100 in bulk (cargo) and in small packaging (drums, Cosmicpack).


Click here to see our Cosmicpacks. 

We also offer turnkey solution to supply specialty asphalts such as Polymer Modified Asphalts, Polymer Modified Emulsions, Buton-Blend Asphalt, all grades of Asphalt Emulsions and cutbacks. Our products have been verified and approved for use by the Indonesian Official Standards Board. 

Please contact us for more details and pricing. 

Cosmic Fuels

Cosmic is a legal license holder from BPH Migas for Sale and Distribution of Fuels within Indonesia. We provide end to end supply solutions in both small and cargo lots fully compliant with Indonesian regulations. 

Our product offerings include:

1. Cosmic High Speed Diesel (HSD/B20)
2. Cosmic Industrial Diesel Oil (IDO)

3. Cosmic Marine Fuel Oil

For customers with interest to import directly from overseas, we are able to supply Gasoil (10ppm, 500ppm, 2500ppm), and Fuel Oil (180Cst). 

Please contact our us for more details and pricing.

Cosmic Lubricants

Cosmic offers a whole spectrum  of lubricants for a variety of uses. The lubricants are manufactured in Singapore under ISO standards. 

Our lubricants include:

1. Engine Oils for Petrol Engines

2. Engine Oils for Diesel Engines 

3. Marine Lubricant Oils

4. Hydraulics

5. Heat Transfer Oil

6. Misc (e.g. Greases, Outboard Motor, etc).

Please contact us for more details and pricing. 

Our Products

Pertamina Asphalt Agent

Cosmic has successfully been appointed Pertamina Asphalt 60/70 Agent at Batam, Indonesia and Perawang Indonesia.

We are able to serve your demands for a variety of asphalt products, including bulk, bag and drums.

Find out more about Pertamina Asphalt here.



Our Facilities


Founded in the mid 1980s in Singapore, Cosmic was one of the pioneers of third party lubricant manufacturing, and a leading producer of Specialty Asphalts in Singapore, China, and Indonesia. Through our network of production facilities, our products were supplied to notable projects such as the Kuala-Lumpur International Airport, Phases 1 & 2 of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Singapore's expressways, Dumai-Pekanbaru Highway, across Batam Island's extensive road networks. 


In 2006 we were among the earliest in obtaining Indonesia's coveted Approved Oil Importer - Supplier Status. Our continued persistence to compliance led us to become one of the few Oil Importers - Suppliers to be granted concessions for Biodiesel subsidies by the Indonesian government. Today we supply our quality products to some of Indonesia's largest production facilities in Pulp & Paper, Mining, Marine, etc. 


Energising Your World




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Sales Offices
Jakarta, Indonesia

Autograph Tower, 12th Floor,
Thamrin Nine Complex, 

Jl MH. Thamrin No.10, RT 005/ RW 001 

Kel. Kebon Melati, Kec. Tanah Abang,

Jakarta 10230, Indonesia

+62 21 3970 9001

Batam, Indonesia

Komplek ruko batam central park
Blok a no. 8q - 8r, kel. Tanjung uma
Kec. Lubuk baja, batam 29435
+62 778 452188


To apply for a job with Cosmic, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Social Responsibility


At Cosmic we encourage everyone to be responsible citizens. Not only are we vested in the success of the business, equally important we want to bring blessings and value to the community wherever we go. Each year we support 10 students from primary school till graduation. Organise open houses for members of our staff, our families, to mingle with the community through annual Hal-Bin-Hal celebrations, Haj contributions, and community rebuilding efforts. 



20 Jan 2020

We are pleased to announce that PT Cosmic Indonesia and PT Cosmic Petroleum Nusantara has successfully been appointed as PERTAMINA ASPHALT AGENTS at Batam and Perawang respectively. 


With this recognition, Cosmic continues to provide our customers with top quality petroleum products. 

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